Junk foods are high in calories from sugar, salt and fat having little fiber, poor protein value and low healthy nutrients.

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Fried foods, Pizzas, French fries, Potato chips, Ready to eat foods; processed meats etc are some examples of JUNK food.

Junk foods are impacting our health badly in both short term and long term that are irreversible.

Blood sugar is spiked after eating junk food as they have easily breakable refined carbohydrates and added sugar. This will increase the insulin demand resulting in drop in blood sugar. People feel tired after consuming these ready to eat foods.

Consuming high level of salt will increase blood pressure and impact the heart functioning.

People consuming regular fast food will make them nutrient and fiber deficient and creates the digestive health issues like constipation.

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Foods containing high salt, sugar and saturated fats will impact the immunity power of person in long term.

Unbalanced diets rich in saturated fats impact the memory of person in negative way.

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Regular junk food eaters face the diseases like obesity and heart attack.

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