To improve your eyesight, 9 superfoods

Fish with oil in their guts and body tissues offer a higher level of Omega 3, so eating them offers greater amounts of fishrich oils.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends against eye damage caused by age, and citrus fruits are very rich in vitamin C like vitamin E.

There are also a number of Omega 3 fatty acids in nuts. Also, nuts have a high vitamin E content that may protect your eyes from age related damage.

Carrots have a high content of vitamin A and beta carotene. Carrots have an orange color due to beta carotene.

Leafy greens are rich in both lutein and zeaxanthin, which is also a good source of vitamin C for the eyes.

Eggs, which can help to reduce the risk of age related visual impairment, are an excellent source of lutein and Zeaxanthin. Vitamin C and E, as well as zinc are also good sources of eggs.

Sweet potatoes have a beta carotene content similar to carrots. The antioxidant vitamin E can also be found in them.

Zinc is found in beef, which may be associated with improved long term ocular health through the use of trusted sources. In addition, zinc can help to prevent age related loss of sight and macular degeneration.

It's not surprising that eye health is also dependent on fluid that is essential to life.