DVT A Silent Killer

What is DVT?

DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis, a reason for sudden death of NBC’s David Bloom 20 years ago. It is the formation of blood clot in deep vein.

What is DVT?

This blood clot may damage to valves of vein permanently specially of lower leg, thigh or pelvis and in some cases arm also.

What is DVT?

Free blood clot travels through the blood stream and blocks blood flow to the lungs leading to fetal complications.

Potential risk of DVT

Persons suffering from injury to a vein, having poor or slow blood flow, females taking excess of estrogen and people dealing with chronic illness including heart disease, lung disease, or cancer or inflammatory bowel disease.

Symptoms of DVT

Symptoms include swelling, pain, tenderness and skin allergy. Pulmonary embolism is the most serious and dangerous symptom of DVT.

Preventive measure of DVT

DVT can be avoided by leaving the sedentary life style and doing movement at least once in an hour. This will synchronize and rechannelize the blood circulation in the body.

David Bloom Died due to DVT in 2003