May 3, 2023

Indian Home Remedies

India is well known for its ayurvedic compositions, also called Indian home remedies, worldwide due to its ancient history. Every single house in India is aware of and using “Dadima ke ghrelu nuske”. It is the need of time that everyone should know it and implement it in daily life to boost their immune system and minimize unnecessary expenditure on daily minor illness. In the present article, you will find various remedies used in Indian houses in different conditions.

Indian Home Remedies

Indian home remedies for cough for kids

Kids are more prone to get sick in changing weather. They are susceptible to common colds and coughs due to weak immune systems in growing age. So they need special attention in seasonal coughs and colds.

  • A piece of peeled ginger sucked with honey is very effective as it provides a soothing effect on the throat.

  • Taking Luke warm water dipped with Tulsi, ginger, and cinnamon is beneficial for your kid. This Indian home remedy can be added to daily routine to boost the growing kid’s immune system and improve the digestive system.

  • You can spread a layer of vapors by adding Vicks vaporub or boiling water by adding tulsi, and cinnamon in a closed room at the time of sleep. Your little one can inhale these vapors which helps to get relief from congestion.

  • Honey is a good source of vitamin C and has maximum anti-bacterial properties. It can be given with warm water or ginger or black pepper to get rid of cough and sore throat.

 Indian home remedies for acidity during pregnancy

Heartburn is a common problem but it becomes unbearable during pregnancy. It occurs due to pressure exerted by the growing baby on the stomach, hormonal changes, and, muscle relaxation in between the stomach and food pipe. Following are some home remedies that can be used to rid or minimize the effects of acidity.

  • Sit with a straight back while eating.

  • The quantity of your food should be minimized and frequency can be increased during pregnancy. Moreover, dinner should be taken early to avoid gastroesophageal reflux.

  • Pregnant women should add fruits and vegetables to their daily diet plan. It helps in avoiding acid reflux and is also helpful in getting vital nutrients for a new life in the womb. Avoid citrus fruits as they tend to increase acidity. Also, avoid spicy food as they trigger acid reflux.

  • Coconut water is essential for a pregnant lady as it lowers acidity and also helps with morning sickness.

  • Taking a teaspoon of honey creates a physical barrier between the inner lining of the food pipe and the acid in the stomach and minimizes the effect of acidity.

  • People having fiber-rich food also experience low acidity problems. Moreover, acidity can be neutralized by having alkaline food like bananas and melon.

Indian home remedies for cold and cough in infants

Infants (babies up to 6-7 months) are more prone to seasonal colds and coughs. Most colds are due to viral attacks. So every time you cannot treat the new baby with antibiotics as they are meant for bacterial infections. So everyone should know the home remedies to get rid of this seasonal cold and cough. Below are some Indian home remedies for colds in infants.

  • Breast milk is the best medicine for babies. It contains all properties to cure the baby from cold and cough.

  • One or two drops of breast milk squirt in the nostril of the baby helps the baby to recover faster.

  • A stuffy nose can be treated with saline water.

  • Roast 2-3 cloves and pinch ajwain on tawa for one minute and put this mixture near the infant after binding the mixture in a cloth. The fumes will help to cure the baby faster.

  • Giving a head massage with warm coconut oil with moringa leaves will help to recover faster.

  • The best Indian home remedy for dry cough in a child is to give Ginger drops mixed with honey. These two have antibacterial and antioxidant properties and cure the child faster.

Indian home remedies to stop prolonged periods

The menstrual cycle is very painful and prolonged for some women. This will hinder her work efficiency. So, it is advisable to include the following home remedies in your daily routine to get rid of this painful reality.

  • Change your food to healthy and balanced nutrition which is a rich source of iron (Beetroot, Spinach, Green peas), Vitamin-C (Guava, Papaya, Orange), Vitamin-A (Spinach, Sweet Potato, Lettuce), Prostaglandin (Ginger).

  • Tamarind helps to regulate blood flow in the body.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids help in regulating estrogen levels in the body. So add Omega 3 fatty acids-rich food to your diet. Mustard seed powder is the best option.

  • Drink plenty of water all day. This will help to dilute the blood and easy movement in the body.

Indian home remedies for cough during pregnancy

A blocked nose is always bothersome for everyone experiencing it. Expecting mothers feel it more because of many changes in the body. Following are some home remedies to get rid of cough during pregnancy.

  • Turmeric milk is the best source of antioxidants and helps in fighting against colds and coughs.

  • Chest congestion can be treated with ajwain decoction.

  • A sore throat can be treated by gargling with warm salt water.

  • A mixture of honey and ginger juice with a pinch of brown pepper seeds helps deal with cold and cough.

  • Holy basil tea is also the best option to resolve stuffy nose and congestion in the chest.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and take proper rest.

Indian home remedies for constipation in pregnancy

  • Add lemon to your daily diet plan as it has Vitamin C which helps in the production of bile in the body. This will help in treating constipation.

  • Orange is a good source to increase dietary fiber in the body. This will help in the bulk formation of the body.

  • Prune juice contains sorbitol which has a laxative property. This will help to treat constipation.

  • An instant Indian home remedy for constipation is Psyllium. It is a good source to increase the dietary fiber in the body.

Indian home remedies for stomach pain for the child

  • Honey has the best antibacterial properties to treat stomach ache.

  • Ginger helps in getting relief from cramps in the stomach.

  • Curd is a good source of bacteria and helps to boost immunity to fight infections.

Indian Home Remedies for knee pain

Knee pain is a very common health issue as the age of a person advances. It mainly occurred due to wear and tear of knee joints. Knee pain home remedies in India may include the following methods which are used in every household.

  • Alkalizing nature of apple cider vinegar has a positive effect on knee joints and helps in the removal of minerals build-ups and harmful toxins from the knee joint.

  • Ginger is found in everyone’s kitchen. It bears anti-inflammatory properties and is used for knee discomfort caused by arthritis, muscle strain, or any injury.

  • Mustard oil has anti-inflammatory properties and massage done with warm oil helps in the reduction of knee swelling and inflammation.

  • Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-inflammatory activity and is used to treat knee joint inflammation and swelling by adding it to the daily routine.

Indian Home Remedies for burning feet

A tingling sensation is very common now a day. This occurred due to poor strength of the nervous system and increases with the advancement of age. Following are a few remedies to get relief from burning feet sensation.

  • Ashwagandha is an herb used to improve the nervous system from ancient times and its effects are long-lasting. It improves the strength of nerves going to the brain. This ayurvedic is effective against neuropathy, stress, burning sensation in feet, and nerve pain.

  • Ajwain is a marvelous herbal seed, full of aroma, used to treat the burning sensation of feet by treating the nervous system of the body causing the sensation. These seeds can be added to your daily diet plan and they will help you to get relief from other ailments like constipation, bloating, and indigestion.

  • Paneer Dodi is an ancient herb used to treat nerve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy.

Indian home remedies for skin rashes and itching

  • Beetroot is a superfood containing high nutritional value containing vitamin C, folate, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Moreover, rubbing beetroot on affected skin will help to reduce the itching in inflamed skin.

  • Coconut oil is also used by applying topically to reduce the itching on the skin.

  • Kalonji seeds or black seed oil are used to reduce inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-pruritic properties.


Nowadays, new illnesses are coming to light. But the ancient science of India has solutions for every ailment. Indian home remedies are best known for their long-lasting effects. These remedies treat chronic diseases from the root. Moreover, when we add these herbs to our daily life, these herbs have a positive effect on our bodies and make us healthy from the inner side.

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